The players of this campaign will begin in The Plane of the Pygmies, a land where everything is seemingly the same, only two-and-a-half times smaller. The houses, are smaller, the roads are smaller, and everything is spaced more compactly.

But, why? The Plane of the Pygmies is inhabited solely by creatures deemed “inadequate” in stature in other realms; it is populated only by people who have to look up at their peers and demand respect among the taller races of their world. It is filled entirely with short people.

Consequently, all structures were built by these downsized denizens, so everything is smaller than in other realms.

Through a twist of fate (or maybe calculation), involving some random (or maybe intentional) external (or internal) influences yet to be determined (or fully realized), the pint-sized versions of these vivacious vigilantes will be whisked away across dimensions to a mysterious realm where everything — and everyone — is bigger than anything imaginable.

Do you have what it takes to control the convoluted contortions of your creature’s constitution, or will you be matched by the malicious, malevolent, massively-monumental monsters who mock you?


  1. You MUST choose a race who is naturally shorter than 4’3". This includes:

    1. Dwarves (you must make them on the shorter side)

    2. Halflings

    3. Gnomes

    4. Duergar (again, you must make them on the shorter side)

    5. Goblins

    6. Kobolds

    7. and the up-and-coming Pixies
  2. There are two exceptions so far (there may be more later, I don’t know):
    1. You may be a Changeling, but only if they’re short and their most common form is one of the above races. When you morph, you may only morph into a smaller version of what you’re trying to morph into.
    2. You may be a Revenant, but you must make your past life one of the above races.
  3. If you INSIST on being another character, you will have to endure PERMANENT PENALTIES, such as:
    1. You will be inflicted with dwarfism. You will be a midget, and as a result, disproportionate. You will suffer penalties associates with such (such as a penalty to dexterity, acrobatics, athletics, etc).
    2. You will be looked at with contempt from EVERYONE, due to your odd appearance and disability.
    3. You will be on the DM’s bad side.

Small Men in a Big World

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